3PL & Storage

We can receive, store and delivery to your clients when you are ready.

3PL Storage & Delivery Solutions

We staff highly trained professionals according to your moving needs, and we can facilitate small, one truck, two man jobs or larger, five truck, fifteen man jobs. Our specialty is multi-point moves where we plan all the logistical details of your project to achieve maximum efficiency, while providing you with the best moving experience.

Point2Point Offers Full-Service Storage Solutions:

Whether you have short-term storage needs, while in between homes or during your design project, or medium to long-term storage requests, when relocating or during an extended vacation, Point2Point is here to assist and provide excellent care of your possessions until you are ready for delivery to your final destination.

Premier Logistics & Moving Services

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At Point2Point (P2P) we offer complete moving solutions for all household goods, as well as turnkey distribution services for local, regional and ecommerce furniture retailers.

Feel free to call us direct at (281) 954-3842